May 12, 2023

Top 10 Visual Studio Code Extentions


Visual Studio Code is one of the most popular code editors for frontend development. This code editor provides numerous useful functions and capabilities for improving development efficiency. However, to make VS Code even more useful, developers use plugins. In this article, I will tell you about the top 10 plugins for Visual Studio Code for frontend development.

1 ESLint

ESLint is a plugin that helps check JavaScript code for errors and coding standard compliance. This plugin allows avoiding many errors and improves code quality by reducing time spent on finding and correcting errors.

2 Prettier

Prettier is a plugin that helps maintain consistent code style in the project. It automatically formats your code according to the rules you defined. This helps avoid unnecessary discussions about code style and improves code readability.

3 Live Server

Live Server is a plugin that allows developers to view their web page in real-time without the need to reload the page. This is a very useful plugin for frontend developers that saves time and helps focus on the development process.

4 CodeGPT

Code GPT plugin for Visual Studio Code allows users to use the ChatGPT chatbot while working on their code. The plugin can generate code snippets, README files, get help from StackOverflow, find errors, refactor code, writes unit tests and document it.

5 Auto Rename Tag

Auto Rename Tag is a plugin that helps automatically rename HTML tags when you change the name of one tag. This is very convenient when you need to change the tag name throughout the file, as this plugin automatically replaces all occurrences of the tag in your code.

6 Bracket Pair Colorizer

Bracket Pair Colorizer is a plugin that allows highlighting pairs of brackets in your code with different colors. This helps orient in the code and avoid errors with complex brackets.

7 CSS Peek

CSS Peek is a plugin that allows you to view CSS styles directly in your HTML file. This helps save time on transitions between files and makes working with styles easier.

8 GitLens

GitLens is a plugin that allows interacting with your Git repository directly from VS Code. This helps save time and makes the development process more organized.

9 Debugger for Chrome

Debugger for Chrome is a plugin that allows developers to easily debug their code in the Google Chrome browser without the need to exit VS Code. This helps save time and makes the development process easier.

10 Material Icon Theme

Material Icon Theme is a plugin that adds icons to VS Code, making it more visually appealing and easier to navigate.


This article reviewed 10 best plugins for Visual Studio Code for frontend development. Each of these plugins can significantly simplify the work of a developer, help avoid errors, and save time. Don't hesitate to use these plugins and be satisfied with the results they provide. With these plugins, you will find it much easier to develop frontend projects, and the development process will become more organized and productive.
Remember that these are just some of the plugins that can be used for Visual Studio Code. Depending on your specific situation, you may find other plugins that are suitable for your work. In any case, these 10 plugins are a good starting point for finding plugins that are suitable for your work. Enjoy development and increase your productivity with VS Code and these plugins!
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